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Since the inception in 1981, Sofasco International has been consistently meeting the demands of the forced air-cooling industry by offering performance-centric industrial fans. We provide ball bearing and sleeve AC/ DC/ EC axial fans, cross flow fans, blowers, and chip coolers (including specials) for a variety of environments. Quality, performance, and efficiency coupled with innovation are core factors of our business existence. This is why our industrial fans stand out due to their energy efficiency, flexibility, compact designs, rugged construction, and low noise level. As an industrial fan manufacturer and international supply chain integrator headquartered in the USA, we are committed to quality and all manufacturing operations are conducted in-house at well-equipped manufacturing centers across various countries. At Sofasco, we do not believe in one-size fits all approach. While doing so, we understand how diverse and complex application requirements can be, so we use prototyping, simulation, thermal validation, and modeling to assure their quality and accelerate their design and manufacturing.

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Sofasco provides a comprehensive range of UL, CUL and CE certified, RoHS compliant electronic cooling fans including Industrial blower fans, Industrial axial fans, and Radial blowers. As a commitment to RoHS compliance, the company guarantees that its products, packaging, and accessories are lead-free and do not contain hazardous chemical substances. We believe advanced customization capabilities, well-equipped manufacturing facilities, expert technical support teams, quick deliveries, and competitive prices have earned us a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of Industrial cooling fans.

For us, there are no simple or complex projects because all requirements are important. Being a leading manufacturer and international supply chain integrator, we have been helping our customers worldwide by supplying energy-efficient and performance-driven industrial air blowers and other fans for several years now. As a result, today, we are counted among top blower manufacturers in the US and across the world.

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