Air conditioning and ventilation is one of the important requirements in the medical industry. Generally, this requirement is met using various types of DC fans, which are generally preferred for their high energy efficiency. The fans also assure less electromagnetic interference and quiet operations in environments where patients are cared for. Sofasco specializes in the design and delivery of energy-efficient and compact-sized DC fans, which assure optimum airflow and enable effective heat dissipation in HVAC systems. Our DC fans also find applications in various medical equipment, which demand optimal equipment performance.


Types of Medical Industry DC Fans Offered by Sofasco

We possess a vast experience when it comes to customization of fans for medical equipment. Our clients in the medical industry count on us when it comes to the following types of DC fans for their applications.

    • DC Blowers:

The blowers assure excellent performance in several challenging applications. Sofasco DC blowers provide constant air displacement and consistent air velocity in differing mass flow rates, which makes them popular with our medical industry clients. These compact designed fans produce low heat, which contributes to their long shelf life as well as efficiency.
    • DC Centrifugal Fans:

DC Centrifugal Fans are equipped with pulse-width modulation or PWM technology and are available in sizes ranging from 133mm to 225mm. Our fans are widely used for cooling medical equipment as well as in HVAC applications.
    • DC Axial Fans:

Available in sizes ranging from 25mm to 172 mm, these axial fans possess high life expectancy. The fans are equipped with brushless drives, which helps reduce thermal load tremendously. Insulated motors are used to power sleeves and ball bearings. Like other fans, these medical industry DC fans are also tested to meet the requirements pertaining to humidity, mechanical shocks, vibrations, and thermal cycling.

In addition to this, we also provide AC blowers to our customers in the medical industry. These blowers facilitate the functioning of various medical equipment through rotating blades. Our AC blowers assure consistent airflow in various equipment where they are used.

Tips to Choose Medical Industry DC Fans

It is generally seen that medical companies rely on advanced technology devices with minimal downtime to ensure the best care for their patients. Medical industry places stringent demands when it comes to HVAC systems and fans for medical equipment. Thus, there are several things to be kept in mind when choosing fans for these applications. The following are a few of them.

    • Noise Resistance:

Low noise is one of the key requirements for the fans operated in this industry. Thus, the fan design must be chosen such that it resists noise and vibrations when used in mechanical equipment.
    • Exact Dimensions:

DC fans are used in various medical equipment as well as HVAC systems. The sizes of these fans will largely vary across these systems. Although compact sized fans are nowadays easily available for these applications, it is important that you choose the fan in the right size. If the fan is too small or too large, then it may lead to other mechanical disturbances.
    • Impact and Shock Resistance:

The fans used in HVAC systems are exposed to harsh environments where they may be exposed to backpressure, high air pressure, and other external forces.
    • Flow Rate and Flow Resistance:

This is an important consideration in any cooling system used in the medical industry or other industries. The airflow rates vary across devices. For instance, electronic devices like computer systems connected to various medical devices may have low airflow requirements, while HVAC systems may have high airflow requirements. Thus, airflow requirements of your applications must be taken into consideration. This airflow rate may be impacted by different factors and flow resistance is one of them. Thus, it is important to choose the fans with minimal obstruction.

Applications of Medical Industry DC Fans

We regularly design and manufacture fans for the following medical industry applications:

  • Surgical equipment
  • HVAC systems
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Respiratory care equipment

 In case of any queries about our medical industry DC fans, please contact our team today at or 1-800-356-4159. Our experts will be happy to help you. They will work closely with you to understand your requirements before offering valid suggestions. This commitment to customer satisfaction has helped us build a long list of happy and satisfied customers in the medical industry.