DC Axial Fans

Sofasco International is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, cost effective , RoHS, certified DC axial (muffin) fans (volts, 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V) for OEM, industrial and commercial applications. We maintain facilities in the USA and China. We have a wide range of performance characteristics, materials, and functionalities ranging in size from 25mm to 172mm. The product line includes high performance matched with ultra quiet, high, medium and low speed DC brushless fans, including small miniature electric and electronic computer cooling fans, micro exhaust, dustproof and waterproof (IP 54 & IP 55), centrifugal fans as well as serial fans for increased airflow in high static pressure enclosures. Optional 3rd wire signal rotation detection, 3rd wire signal frequency generator and thermistor temperature control is available upon request. Additionally, Sofasco carries a complete crossover line of computer replacement fans.

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sD2010 dc axial fan

D2010 series


sD2507 dc axial fan

D2507 series


sD2510 dc axial fan

D2510 series


sD3007 dc axial fan

D3007 series


sD3010 dc axial fan

D3010 series


sD3010sr dc axial fan

D3010SR series


sD3015 dc axial fan

D3015 series


sD3510 dc axial fan

D3510 series


sD4010 dc axial fan

D4010 series


sD4020 dc axial fan

D4020 series


sD5010 dc axial fan

D5010 series


sD5015 dc axial fan

D5015 series


sD5020 dc axial fan

D5020 series


sD5025 dc axial fan

D5025 series


sD6010 dc axial fan

D6010 series


sD6015 dc axial fan

D6015 series


sD6020 dc axial fan

D6020 series


sD6025 dc axial fan

D6025 series


sD7025 dc axial fan

D7025 series


sD8015 dc axial fan

D8015 series


sD8020 dc axial fan

D8020 series


sD8025 dc axial fan

D8025 series


sD8032 dc axial fan

D8032 series


sD9225 dc axial fan

D9225 series


sD9232 dc axial fan

D9232 series


sD9238 dc axial fan

D9238 series


sD12025 dc axial fan

D12025 series


sD12032 dc axial fan

D12032 series


sD12032d dc axial fan

D12032D series


sD12038 dc axial fan

D12038 series


sD12038-5 dc axial fan

D12038-5 series


sD17040 dc axial fan

D17040 series


sD17251 dc axial fan

D17251 series


sD17251-1f dc axial fan

D17251(1F) series


sD20060 dc axial fan

D20060 series


sD25489 dc axial fan

D25489 series


DC axial fans are widely used across industries for cooling electrical machines and equipment. These axial flow fans are durable and used in various small to large applications. Sofasco International is one of the leading manufacturers of RoHS, certified DC axial fans in different voltages. These muffin DC fans are designed for commercial, industrial, and OEM applications. We offer these fans in various performance characteristics, materials, and functionalities in sizes ranging from 25mm to 172 mm. Our product line features high-performance and ultra-quiet, low-, medium-, and high-speed DC brushless fans. There are small and miniature electronic and computer cooling fans, micro exhaust fans, as well as waterproof and dustproof fans. We can also provide centrifugal and serial fans for increased airflow in high static pressure enclosures.

Standard Features of DC Axial Fans

We provide DC axial fans in various specifications; however, the following are a few standard features that will help you understand their functioning.

  • Material: Our DC axial fans are made of high-quality materials. The frame and impeller is made of high quality, UL-94V-0 compliant plastic. The lead wire is UL1571AWG#28 or Equivalent (+) Red, (-) Black.
  • Voltages: The fans are available in voltages such as 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V.
  • Bearings: Our DC axial flow fans are equipped with sleeve or ball bearings for smooth operation.
  • Expected Life: The expected life of ball bearing is 70,000 hours and 30,000 hours when maintained at 40°C.
  • Operating Temperature Range: The operating temperature range is -10°C~70°C (non-condensing) and storage temperature range is -40°C~70°C (non-       condensing).
  • Customization: We can design fans with optional 3rd wire signal rotation detection, 3rd wire signal frequency generator, and thermistor temperature control.
  • Safety Standards: We can design fans in different standards UL, RoHS, TUV, and CE.

Benefits of Using DC Axial Fans

Our DC axial flow fans are employed for cooling applications owing to the benefits that they offer. The following are a few beneficial features of these fans.

  • The DC axial fans designed by us possess a high product life expectancy.
  • Brushless motor drives equipped to these fans help minimize thermal load on bearings. This helps improve the shelf life and performance of fans.
  • The ball bearings and sleeves are powered by insulated motors. The fans conforming to IP 54 and other protection classes are also available with us.
  • We also provide a complete crossover line of computer replacement fans.
  • Every model is tested to minimize the noise in high airflow and high-pressure conditions.
  • All our models are RoHS compliant and they are designed to meet strict requirements of mechanical shocks, humidity, thermal cycling, and vibrations.

Applications of DC Axial Fans

Our DC axial muffin fans are widely used in the following applications:

  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Networking/High-End Servers
  • Medical Devices
  • Computer & IT Industry Component Cooling Systems
  • Automotive/Transportation Equipment
  • Power Supplies

Cooling Behavior of DC Brushless Axial Fans Discussed 

DC brushless fans are used for cooling electronic circuits across industries. The cooling behavior of these fans depends on several factors such as:

  • Current Capacity of a DC Fan Motor: The current drawn by the DC fan motor is often indicated as an average current. However, it is not clear if the current drawn is the DC current. When the fan is operated at its peak it may draw large currents. If the electronics that interfaces a DC brushless cooling fan shares grounding with digital logic circuitry of low level then it may cause functional issues at peak These large switching currents may produce ripple voltage on the DC line, thereby affecting the cooling behavior of the fan.
  • Stall Region: This is one of the complex behavioral concepts of an axial fan. There are several reasons why a fan may act as a stall. If the fan is operated at a high pressure, the air exiting through it may move in a diagonal direction than the expected axial direction. This can create major problems for objects that are cooled on the same axis of the fan. Hence while designing the fan it must be ensured that the required areas attain maximum airflow.
  • Fan Vibrations: Vibrations of fans can also impact the cooling capability. Some amount of vibration will be generated depending on the speed and balance of the fan. There are several factors that may lead to vibration; however, you can correct a few of them with minor design changes. For instance, consider the gap between the fan and the structure onto which it is mounted. Similarly, address the frequency of the rotation of the fan and the structure where it is mounted.
  • Speed and Input Voltage: The speed and input voltage of a DC brushless motor fan are related to each other. The speed of a fan changes with the input voltage. Brushless fans are usually available in three voltage variants – 12V, 24V, and 48V. Generally, in the data sheet, you will see the rated voltage mentioned as 12 VDC, and the operating voltage from 6 to18 VDC. If the fan is operated at a lower voltage than mentioned then the airflow will reduce, too. For instance, if the fan is operated at 12 VDC, its speed would be 2500 RPM and airflow would be 170 CFM. However, if it is operated at 9 VDC, the speed will be 1300 RPM and airflow would be 88 CFM. Thus, to avoid these anomalies, engineers always take care to minimize power drops. They also try to match the power supply voltage to the application.
  • Speed Tolerances: The speed of fan at 12 VDC is usually 2500 RPM. Many manufacturers fail to indicate the tolerance associated with it. Although these tolerances may differ across manufacturers, typically they are +/- 10%. For instance, if the fan reaches the lower end of tolerance, the airflow due to free air would be only 156 CFM. This sharp fall may have severe effect on the airflow. This decline in airflow must be addressed when designing DC brushless fan.

We maintain well-equipped facilities in the US and China. Over the years, we have invested in technologies, which enables us to assure the quality and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As a leading DC axial fan manufacturer, we have had the privilege of collaborating with customers over several leading projects. Customer satisfaction is a key goal that drives our business. Do you have any customization requirements for DC axial fans? Are you confused about the right options for your application? Our team can help you with the selection and customization process.