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DC Centrifugal Fans

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DC Centrifugal Fans

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How Does Work DC Centrifugal Fans?

DC centrifugal fans, also known as DC centrifugal blowers, are devices used for creating airflow in various applications. Industrial DC centrifugal fans use a DC motor to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The impeller, connected to the motor, draws in air and accelerates it towards the outlet using centrifugal force. The pressure difference created by the rotating impeller causes the air to move radially outward. A diffuser converts high-velocity, low-pressure air into high-pressure, low-velocity air. The fan's speed can be controlled, allowing for precise airflow regulation. DC centrifugal fans are used for cooling, ventilation, and air purification in various applications.


Types of DC Centrifugal Fans

Forward curved and backward curved centrifugal fans are two common types of fans used in various applications. They differ in their design and performance characteristics.
  • Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans:

    Forward curved centrifugal fans, also known as squirrel cage fans, are widely used in various applications due to their efficiency and compact design. These industrial squirrel cage fans consist of a series of blades that curve in the direction of the fan's rotation. The blades are typically narrow at the entrance and widen towards the outlet, creating a curved shape resembling a hamster wheel or squirrel cage. However, forward curved fans have some limitations. They are less efficient than backward curved fans when it comes to handling higher pressure loads. Due to the shape of the blades, they can be prone to wear and damage if exposed to abrasive or dusty environments. It's important to consider these factors when selecting a fan for a specific application.

  • Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans:

    Backward curved centrifugal fans, also known as backward inclined fans, are widely recognized for their high efficiency and ability to handle high-pressure loads. Unlike forward curved fans, the blades of backward curved fans curve away from the direction of rotation, resembling a paddle or the shape of a turbine blade. Backward curved fans are known for their energy efficiency. The aerodynamic design of the blades helps to reduce turbulence and increase airflow, resulting in improved overall system performance and reduced energy consumption. These fans are often equipped with backward curved impellers that are balanced to minimize vibration and noise, providing smooth and quiet operation.

Features of DC Centrifugal Blower Fans by Sofasco

We offer several models of DC centrifugal fans with each offering some or the other distinct features. Here are some common featured of our high speed DC centrifugal fans:

  • Size Range: The size of our centrifugal fans ranges from 133mm to 225mm.
  • Voltage Range: The voltage range for 24V is 14.0 to 27.6, while for 48V it is 28.0 to 56.0.
  • Pillow Material: We use die cast aluminum as the pillow material.
  • Impeller Material: The impeller of our industrial DC centrifugal fans is made of UL94V-0 plastic.
  • Cooling System: These fans are suitable for fast cooling or air and equipment in the vicinity. The speed of the fan ranges from 2000 to 5000 RPM, and the air flow ranges from 105.94 to 264.85 CFM.
  • Operating temperature range: The operating temperature range for these fans is from -10°C to +70°C, without condensation.
  • Validity: The expected operational life of the ball bearings in these fans is 50,000 at 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Safety Information: All our DC centrifugal fan models are UL, TUV, RoHS, and CE listed and certified.

Benefits of High Speed DC Centrifugal Fans

There are many beneficial features of high quality DC centrifugal fans, and we offer added features to make them better. Here are some of benefits of these fans:

  • Our fans come with the pulse-width modulation or PWM technology.
  • The noise level of this fans is minimal and ranges from 49 to 69 dBA.
  • Their features also include the rotation detector (RD) and frequency generation (FG) functions.
  • Our fans have an IP56 or Ingress Protection 56 rating.
  • All our industrial DC centrifugal blower and fans have a storage temperature ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius.
  • They have a good energy efficiency and hydraulic efficiency.
  • They are designed to be durable and can resist corrosion and harsh environments.
  • Our fans have temperature control features and can also restrict the motor from overloading.
  • They are mostly lightweight, easy to use, and low on maintenance.

Applications of industrial DC Centrifugal Fans

DC centrifugal fans are suitable for high-pressure applications. They find applications in the following areas:

  • HVAC Systems: Industrial DC centrifugal blower ensure efficient air circulation and temperature control in commercial buildings, factories, and data centers, improving indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Dust and Fume Extraction: Industrial DC centrifugal fans remove hazardous particles and pollutants, ensuring air quality and worker safety in industries such as woodworking, metal fabrication, chemical processing, and mining.
  • Drying and Cooling Processes:This high speed centrifugal blowers facilitate drying and cooling in industries, aiding moisture evaporation in materials and dissipating heat from equipment in applications such as food processing, textiles, and ceramics.
  • Air Pollution Control Systems: These Industrial centrifugal blower fans play a crucial role in air pollution control systems, helping to remove particulate matter, gases, and VOCs before they are discharged, enhancing environmental sustainability in industrial processes.
  • Automotive and Aerospace Industry: DC centrifugal blower fans are essential for cooling engines and components, maintaining optimal temperatures in vehicles, aircraft, and spacecraft, ensuring efficient performance and preventing overheating.
  • Energy Generation: These fans enhance power generation efficiency in conventional and renewable energy plants by facilitating cooling air or gas circulation around turbines, generators, and heat exchangers, optimizing energy production.
  • Electronics and IT Cooling: These high speed centrifugal fans prevent overheating in data centers and electronics manufacturing facilities, ensuring proper airflow and heat dissipation, safeguarding the performance and longevity of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Cleanrooms: Industrial DC centrifugal blower maintain controlled air quality, pressure, and particle filtration in cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, and biotechnology, creating sterile environments for sensitive processes.

As a reliable DC centrifugal fans manufacturer, we assure you the best quality and service. If you are looking for DC centrifugal fans, DC cross flow fans, DC Axial fans for your exhaust or other applications, you can go through the features of models available with us. In case of any specific or technical queries, do get in touch with us on phone 1-800-356-4159 or email sofasco@sofasco.com .

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