Cooling and air circulation are essential in electronic industries because most devices are operated 24/7. If adequate air circulation is not provided, the electronic devices break down due to overheating. Eventually, it results in failure. However, the electronic industry deals with sensitive equipment therefore while manufacturing cooling fans for electronics equipment, factors like vibrations, noise, and electromagnetic interference are essential considerations. Also, for the equipment mounted on server racks and cabinets, the size of the fan is an important factor. At Sofasco, we manufacture various types of cooling fans for electronic devices. We can provide you a cooling fan for electronic equipment in custom specifications.  

Sofasco offers a range of DC and AC cooling fans for electronic equipment safety.

Types of Cooling Fans for Electronic Equipment Offered by Sofasco

Sofasco offers a wide range of industrial fans for electronic industries. Our range of industrial fans includes different types of AC/DC-powered fans. Whether you are looking for a cooling fan for electronic equipment or cabinet fans for electronics, the following types may be helpful.

    • AC/DC Axial Fans/ Muffin Fans:

Sofasco offers a series of axial fans with include AC axial fans and DC axial fans. The axial AC cooling fans for electronics equipment are suited for cooling units. Electronic rack ventilation is one of the common applications of axial AC cooling fans for electronics equipment. They are used for adequate air circulation. Our muffin fans can be used as cabinet fans for electronics racks, server racks, etc.

On the other hand, DC axial fans are used for ventilation and compact locations. They are also called muffin fans. They are used in computer cooling, spot ventilation, etc. 

    • AC/DC Cross-Flow Fans/ Squirrel Cage Fans:

The cross-flow fans offer uniform air circulation. Therefore AC-powered cross-flow fans are used in air curtains and humidity control units in electronic industries. Since electronic devices are intolerant to moisture, these fans are of great significance.

DC-powered cross-flow fans are compact and silent in operation. They are preferred in electronic industries as many electronic devices are sensitive to vibrations and noise. We offer brushless DC cross flow fans which are durable, reliable, and highly efficient.  These fans are also known as squirrel cage fans. Our squirrel cage fans are ideal for electronic acoustic rooms. 

  • Dustproof DC Cooling Fans:

    We offer dustproof DC cooling fans for use in dust-sensitive electronic devices. Commonly, these fans are used in humidifiers, computer ventilation, etc.
  • DC Centrifugal Fans:

    Our DC centrifugal fans are suitable for exhausting heated air from electronic switches, medical equipment, etc. These fans are ideal for heat exhaust in electronic setups.

Things to Look For When Buying Fans for Electronic Equipment

When it comes to choosing cooling fans for electronic equipment, there are multiple factors for consideration. Due to the sensitivity of electronic equipment, we suggest our clients look for the following factors while buying cooling fans of electronic equipment.

  • Do the Temperature Analysis:

    Electronic setups are subjected to temperatures and internal heat generation which affects their performance. Thus, before buying the fans, the temperature generating sensitive spots, space for temperature exhaust, amount of air circulation required, etc are a few factors that should be analyzed.
  • Understand Pressure Tolerance of Electronic Devices:

    Circulation of air volume generates pressure on the devices. Since the cabling and ports of electronic devices are sensitive, exposure to high pressure may cause damage. Therefore, the fan should only generate limited and tolerable pressure on the electronic setups.
  • Consider the Type of Cooling Action Required:

    Some electronic systems require active cooling whereas some need heat exhaust. Based on the type of cooling, a suitable fan should be chosen.
  • Check Available Space for Fans:

    Electronic setups are often compact as devices are placed in enclosures. This limits the space for cooling equipment. Therefore, compact fans should be chosen for compact spaces whereas, for wall ventilation units or air curtains, regular-sized fans can be chosen. In case of limited space, our cabinet fans for electronics can be a great choice.
  • Vibration and Noise:

    The fans generate noise which eventually causes vibration. Therefore fans with silent operation should be chosen. In such cases, DC fans assure low noise generation during cooling applications.


    Benefits of Using Fans from Sofasco

    Sofasco being a global supplier of industrial fans, there are several benefits of choosing our fans for electronic applications. Here are a few capabilities we stand out for.
    • We are capable of offering series of fans with a varying range of specifications. Our series of axial fans, centrifugal fans, blowers and cross-flow fans come with various input and output parameters.
    • All our products are certified with RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC), ISO, UL, and IATF.
    • Since 1981, we are global suppliers of performance-centric industrial cooling fans. The electronic industry is one of the many industries we serve.
    • The quality and performance of our industrial fans are tested at our facility. We offer customization of industrial fans.


     Whether you wish to buy a cooling fan for electronic equipment or cabinet fans for electronic devices in your facility, please feel free to contact us. We will happily assist you.