AC Double Inlet Blower

AC Double Inlet Blower

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AC Double Inlet Blower

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Features of AC Double Inlet Centrifugal Blowers

Our AC double inlet centrifugal blowers are used in applications where high resistance is involved. The following features of these fans make them unique.

  • Impeller: The blowers feature steel impellers, which assure durability and lasting performance in corrosion-laden environments.
  • Bearing: The blower feature ball bearing that facilitates motion and performs three main functions – it reduces friction, carries loads, and positions moving machine parts. The bearing helps reduce wear and tear and requires low maintenance.
  • Operating Temperature: The centrifugal blowers have a wide temperature operating range between 0°C and + 65°C.
  • Safety: The fans are thermally protected, which helps ensure consistent performance of these fans in ambient temperatures.
  • Compliance: The fans are RoHS compliant and possess IP44 special rating. We can provide these fans with a special IP rating on request.

Benefits of Using AC Double Inlet Blower Fans

AC double inlet centrifugal blowers are widely used in ventilation and air handling applications due to their several benefits. The following are some benefits of choosing various AC double inlet blower fans over other industrial fans.

  • High Airflow Efficiency: These blowers draw air from both sides of the housing and generate high air volume in return. This air volume is higher than single inlet fans and contributes to improved airflow efficiency. This increased airflow can improve the cooling performance in applications where they are used.
  • Efficient Air Distribution: The AC double inlet blowers feature a centrifugal fan design, which assures efficient air distribution. The fans feature a rotating impeller, which directs the airflow in a controlled manner. This ensures even air distribution throughout the system, ensuring effective ventilation or cooling.
  • High Static Pressure Capability: AC double inlet blowers produce high static pressure, which makes them ideal for applications where high resistance may be involved, such as in filters, ductwork, or other air circulation components.
  • Consistent Performance for Long-Time Periods: AC double inlet centrifugal blowers feature AC motors, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods. The AC motors are known for their stable performance and reliability.
  • Customizable: AC double inlet blower fans can be easily customized to meet specific application requirements. We can provide them in different sizes, voltage options, airflow capacities, and additional features like speed control or integrated dampers. The ability to customize the blower to your application requirements ensures optimal performance.

Applications of AC Double Inlet Blowers

Our AC double inlet blowers find application in various industrial settings such as:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Cleanrooms
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Automotive Cooling
  • Electronics Cooling


Our AC double inlet blowers, axial fans and cross flow fans are designed to perform in challenging environments. Our design experience, combined with access to engineering technologies and an understanding of industrial requirements, has helped us build AC double inlet blowers with high-performance characteristics. If you are considering AC double inlet blowers or need guidance on choosing the right fans for your application, we encourage you to reach out to our team without hesitation. We are here to assist you and provide the necessary support.

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