Fan Test Systems

Accumulating years experience of manufacturing cooling fans, we have developed an all inclusive battery of test systems. These systems test AC, DC, cross blower, axial flow, chip cooling and muffin fans.

These test systems are:

1. Thermal Resistance of the Cooler Component and it's thermal simulation for the Desk Computer

1. Five Ambient Temperature points.

2. Ambient Temperature Adjustable.

3. Maximum power input 60W.

4. Visual Basic software to monitor the CPU temperature variation and it s thermal Resistance.

5. On-line measurement for the Current(A) , Voltage(V) and Power input(P).

Thermal Resistance of the cooler component

2. Thermal Resistance of the Cooler Component and its thermal simulation for the Notebook computer

1. Four ambient temperature points. 

2. Three modules to simulate the heat dissipation of the CPU , Hard Disk and Battery. 

3. On-line measurement for the A , V , P and temperature variation for each module. 

4. An extra eight temperature measurements to be set on the spreader of the Cooler or any other location. 

5. Visual Basic software to monitor the temperature variation and it is thermal Resistance of each module as well as the rpm variation of the case fan.

Thermal Resistance of the Cooler Component for the notebook computer and it's thermal simulation

3. Fan performance Test and System Resistance Test Chamber

1. Chamber Visualization and adjustable length. 

2. Static pressure:0~15 mmAq. 

3. Air Volumetric Flow rate:0~150CFM , Fan size:25~100mm. 

4. Fan characteristic curve includes Ps- Qv , Ptot- Qv , Pv- Qv , rpm-Qv , A- Qv , P- Qv and the system Resistance curve : Ps- Qv. 

5. On-line measurement and monitor from the Visual Basic Program.

Fan performance test and system resistance test chamber

The Data Acquistion System for the Fan Performance test system

Software of the Fan Performance Test System

4. Heat Pipe Performance Test System

1. Adjust Tile angle -15~+15. 

2. Power Input0~60W. 

3. On-line measurement for the A , V , P. 

4. Performance Curve includes : the maximum heat transport ability at a setting operation temperature and the title angle variation to the maximum heat transport at a setting operation temperature.

The Heat Pipe performance test System