Cooling fans or blowers have been integral part of oil and gas processing facilities for several years now. The oil refining process produces a significant amount of heat, fumes, and noise. Inadequately regulated refining processes can result in harmful temperature spikes affecting machines and equipment, transporting channels, and more. This is where cooling fans can help. Sofasco specializes in the design and delivery of high-quality, compact-sized, and energy-efficient cooling fans for the oil and gas industry. These fans are designed to withstand the harsh or extreme operating conditions in the refineries. They can maintain their high performance despite being exposed to dust, humidity, moisture, and ambient temperatures. Browse this collection to find the best fan for your application requirements.


Types of Cooling Fans for Oil and Gas Industry Offered by Sofasco

We provide different types of AC/DC cooling fans for oil and gas industry. Whether you are looking for a cooling fan for an upstream or downstream application, the following fans designed by us can add value to it.  

  • AC/DC Axial Fans:

    We specialize in the design and manufacture of different types of AC/DC axial fans for the oil and gas industry. Our selection features AC axial fans flow fans and muffin fans in sizes ranging from 25mm to 254 mm as well as DC axial fans in sizes ranging from 25 mm to 174 mm. All our high performance DC axial fans assure high performance and ultra-quiet performance in harsh oil and gas processing environments. They are offered in IP 54 and IP 55 rating to meet the dustproof and waterproof requirements of the oil and gas applications. High volume flow combined with low pressure application makes our AC axial fans ideal for cooling large areas in refineries.

  • DC Centrifugal Fans:

    Our DC centrifugal fans are designed for fast air cooling or equipment cooling in refineries. We can provide them in speed ranges from 2000 to 5000 RPM.

  • Dust Proof DC Cooling Fans:

    These cooling fans are suited for all small and large processing facilities where dust and heat has been a major concern for several years. These cooling fans consume very low amount of voltage while assuring the optimum airflow.

Applications of Sofasco’s Cooling Fans in the Oil and Gas Industry

Our cooling fans are used in various applications across the oil and gas industry. The following are a few important ones.

  • Gas Compression Stations:

    Compressor stations are designed to transport natural gas from individual well sites to the final destination. Compression of the gas produces high amount of heat and demands adequate cooling for continuous and safe operation. This is where our cooling fans can help.

  • Downstream Processing:

    Refineries and petrochemical facilities use cooling equipment for heat rejection processes. We, at Sofasco, supply AC/DC fans to improve the feasibility of heat rejection processes.

  • LNG Production:

    The liquefaction process demands a high cooling capacity, and requires utility cooling throughout the site. This requirement is efficiently met using our various AC/DC fans for the oil and gas industry.

Tips to Choose Cooling Fans for Oil and Gas Industry

Cooling fans are operated in challenging operating environments in the oil and gas industry. If the fans are not chosen carefully, the application runs the risk of increased downtimes and worker injuries. It is important to choose the right cooling fan to ensure efficiency, minimal downtimes, and safety of the people and premises. The following tips will be helpful when choosing these fans for your oil facilities.

  • Temperature Specifications:

    The maximum ambient temperature that a fan would be subjected on installation needs to be addressed. Choosing the wrong ambient temperature would result in buying a fan with additional BTUs of cooling.

  • Location:

    Check if the fan will be used indoors or outdoors. If it has to be used outdoors, the fans will be exposed to sun fully or partially. The solar heat load will have an effect on the cooling capacity of the fan.

  • Insulation:

    See if the fan is insulated properly. The insulation material will resist the flow of heat through it.

Why Buy Cooling Fans from Sofasco?

Sofasco is the leading supplier of industrial fans over years, and there are several reasons for buying cooling fans from us. The below list describes a few of our capabilities that help us stand out among competitors.

  • We offer a wide range of cooling fans with varying specifications. You can select the appropriate one considering your application requirements. We also offer customized cooling fans to suit specific application needs.
  • Our fans are well-known for maintaining the required air flow and air pressure.
  • They absorb vibration, shock, and moisture aside from heat.
  • Our fans are energy efficient that means they consume less power than the conventional solution.
  • All our products, including cooling fans for the oil and gas industry, are certified with RoHS Directive, UL, ISO, and IATE.
  • Highly experienced and skilled experts test the performance and quality of these cooling fans at our facility.

Are you interested in buying cooling fans for oil and gas processes? If that sound yes, you are at the right place. We, at Sofasco, make various sizes and configurations of AC/DC fans for the oil and gas industry to meet your application requirements. If you have any technical or pricing-related queries regarding our cooling fans, feel free to reach us. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. They work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their requirements before offering them any solution. Our irrevocable commitment to delivering quality products has helped us build a strong and long-lasting relationships with our new and existing customers.