Most aerospace, military, and defense applications rely on high-speed and high-power electronics for performance. As a result, they produce high amounts of heat, which is managed using various types of thermal management solutions like heat exchangers and heat sinks. These thermal management solutions utilize electronic cooling fans to drive away heat absorbed by them. At Sofasco, we provide aerospace and military cooling fans, which are used to cool electronic equipment and devices in various personnel – and – mission – critical applications. Our military, defense, and aerospace cooling fans are designed to perform in harsh environments while delivering efficient and highly reliable cooling. 


Types of Aerospace and Military Cooling Fans Offered by Sofasco

Our military and aerospace fans have been an integral part of several stringent programs, vehicles, and installations for several years. We provide the following types of cooling fans for these applications.

  • AC Cooling Fans:

    These cooling fans are powered by an alternating sinusoidal electric current with a general voltage between 120 to 240 volts. These fans feature rugged construction, compact designs, and produce low noise, which are primary requirements for various aerospace, military, and defense applications. We can provide axial fans, cross flow fans, and chip coolers depending on your application requirements.

  • DC Cooling Fans:

    DC fans or direct current fans are designed for low power, yet high-speed aerospace and military applications. These fans feature compact and robust construction, and are designed and manufactured to meet the defense equipment specifications.

  • Axial Fans:

    Axial fans are designed to allow airflow in the axial direction, parallel to its shaft. Our selection features axial fans in different sizes ranging from 25mm to 254mm. We can design high temperature, compact sized, and noise-free fans. They are used for ventilating areas like cockpits, interior areas of an aerospace vehicle, stanky dorm rooms, and so on. These fans can move large amounts of low-pressure air.

  • AC/DC Blowers: 

    Our selection features blower fans with a wide range of performance characteristics. These high performance fans are dustproof and waterproof, which assures increased airflow in high static pressure enclosures.

Applications of Cooling Fans in Aerospace and Military

We can design and deliver cooling fans for the following aerospace and military industry applications.

  • Server Storage Systems
  • Radiators
  • Technology devices of aerospace and military
  • Airborne imaging systems
  • Aerospace and military vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, planes, etc.
  • Gas evaporating instruments
  • Engine cooling systems

4 Factors to Considered Before Buying Military and Aerospace Cooling Fans

Buying aerospace and military fans is quite different from other industrial fans, as these industries have stringent requirements. The following pointers will be helpful in this context.

    • Flow: 

      As said before, most aerospace and defense applications are operated at high speeds and are power hungry, too. They produce a huge amount of heat, which cannot be tackled easily. So, it is important to check the airflow of the fans while choosing them. Before identifying the required airflow, you need to perform the thermal analysis. This would help identify the amount of heat produced by a particular process or equipment. This result can be used to calculate the required airflow need to cool the system or the process. If any of our existing fan doesn’t meet your specifications then our experts can custom design them to your requirements.

    • Noise Level: 

      Most aerospace, military, and defense applications rely on equipment and processes, which are known to produce hazardous noise levels. To overcome this challenge, aircraft and defense industry OEMs are investing in theoretical and technical approaches. Building fans with low noise levels is one such approach. So, while choosing the fans ensure to focus on ones that are designed for low noise operations.

    • Motor Options:

      Electronic cooling fans for military and aerospace industries use both AC and DC motors. AC motors are used for a wide range of applications, whereas DC motors are commonly used for variable torque and speed applications. Brushless DC motors are used for activating external commutating electronics. You can also focus on the type of bearing used, such as sleeve or ball bearings. Sleeve bearings are used to reduce friction, whereas ball bearings assure low and smooth friction motion in various rotary applications.

    • Industry Standards:

      The cooling fans must be designed to comply with various Mil and aerospace standards. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about these standards.

Do you need any assistance in choosing an aerospace or military cooling fan? Get in touch with our experts today. We have served our military and aerospace industry clients for a long time and aware of the stringent requirements of this industry. We can answer any questions that you may have regarding these aerospace fans or military fans and guide you through the selection process, too.  You can contact us today at or 1-800-356-4159 to learn more about the aerospace and military cooling fans we offer and our customization capabilities.