Fans and blowers have been an integral part of the automotive industry for many years. They find applications in various stages of manufacturing for cooling machines and equipment in automotive manufacturing units. Now, with increasing digitalization of vehicles, they find space inside, aside from the vehicle air conditioner. Ventilation is an important aspect in any engine-driven vehicle as it prevents overheating and subsequent damage. Sofasco has been instrumental in making various electric automotive fans and axial fans and blowers for the automotive industry. Our products help the vehicles withstand all the heat and other harsh conditions on the road, thereby making your drive safe and comfortable.

Electric Automotive Fans, Axial Fans, and Blowers for the Automotive Industry

Types of Electric Automotive Fans Offered by Sofasco

Here are some popular electric automotive fans offered by us:

  • DC Axial Fans:

  • DC Axial Fans possess small form factor, and are available in the size ranges between 20 mm and 50 mm and have a varied voltage range as well. The fan frame and impeller are made of UL-94V-0 compliant plastic. They have an operating temperature of -10°C~70°C. Our fans are equipped with ball bearings which have an operational life of up to 70,000 hours. We comply with UL, RoHS, TUV, and CE safety standards.
  • Brushless DC Blowers:

  • We can produce RoHS compliant automotive blower fans in different specifications. Offered as DC blower fans, these devices can be availed in a variety of voltages and sizes. They have a round enclosed impeller, with both the impeller and enclosure made of UL94V-0 plastic. The operating range automotive blower fans is 12 to 48 volts, and the operating temperature range from -40°C~70°C. The benefit here is our automotive blower fans produce less heat, and hence have a long operational life. The fan design is resistant to noise, vibration, and other harsh parameters.
  • Dust Proof DC Cooling Fans:

  • Dust Proof DC Cooling Fans are dust as well as moisture proof, and are made in voltages from 12 to 24 volts. The size ranges from 75 to 120 mm; however, they can be customized. The plastic material used in these fans is RoHS and UL94V-0 compliant. The speed adjustment in these fans can be done rapidly, and they can be easily mounted with two ball bearings. These automotive fans are electric as well as battery operated.

Applications of Sofasco’s Electric Fans in the Automotive Industry

Our fans find applications in almost all segments of a vehicle such as headlights, engine control box, infotainment system, and so on. Here are a few application areas of our fans in the automotive industry:

  • Automotive manufacturing units:

  • Exhaust fans as part of ventilation are a must in automotive industrial units, service stations, and garages. Using a proper ventilation system would maintain the indoor air quality, and also prevent any structural damages to the production equipment. We offer dust and water proof cooling fans in serial units to improve air flow.
  • HVAC systems:

  • ACs are an integral part of any vehicle, and their output has only improved over the years. Our DC blower fans are a part of all types of HVAC systems including the ones in vehicles.
  • Infotainment systems:

  • Electronic audio and video systems are an integral part of any vehicle from a car to a truck. These comprise a sound system with amplifiers, which require cooling when used for a long time, as it generates plenty of heat. Our DC axial fans with a customized heat sink fit in well here.
  • LED headlights:

  • Our DC brushless blowers find also find applications in headlight cooling. LEDs are known for low power consumption, energy efficiency, and a long operational life. These compactly designed blowers keep the LEDs cool in case of continuous functioning, and further increase their energy efficiency. This in turn improves the car battery life.
  • Seat ventilation:

    This is a relatively new concept. However, most vehicles have seat ventilating blowers which offer comfort to the driver and the fellow passengers. Our blowers used in seat ventilation help reduce the fatigue of car and truck drivers who need to drive long distances for several hours at a stretch. While these blowers are fitted just below the seat surface, the air flow outlet is usually behind. So, there is no direct contact of this system with the person sitting. Our brushless DC blowers serve the purpose here.

Benefits of Using Our Automotive Blower Fans

Here are some benefits of automotive blower fans, and more so if you source them from us:

  • You can choose quieter fans from our huge collection to reduce noise.
  • We can customize the fan you need to suit specific requirements.
  • All our fans maintain the required flow of air and also the air pressure.
  • Aside from heat, they can absorb moisture, shock and vibration.
  • They are energy efficient, which means our fans consume less power.
  • These fans operate in a wide temperature range and voltages, and are low on maintenance.

Thermal management in a vehicle is crucial for its safe and normal functioning. We, at Sofasco, make electric automotive fans in various sizes and configurations to meet your application requirements. In case you have any questions or need to start a conversation, you can contact us via phone or email.