DC Blowers

Sofasco International designs, manufactures and distributes quality, cost effective , RoHS, certified DC axial blower fans (voltages 12v, 24v) in a wide range of performance characteristics, materials, and functionalities ranging in size from 75mm to 120mm. The product line includes high performance matched with quiet, high, medium and low speed DC blowers, including dustproof and waterproof (IP 54 & IP 55), blowers as well as serial units for increased airflow in high static pressure enclosures. Optional 3rd wire signal rotation detection, 3rd wire signal frequency generator and thermistor temperature control is available upon request. 

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DB4010 series dc blowers

DB4010 series


DB404510 series dc blowers

DB4510 series


DB5015 series dc blowers

DB5015 series


DB6018 series dc blowers

DB6018 series


DB7530 series dc blowers

DB7530 series


DB9733 series dc blowers

DB9733 series


DB12032 series dc blowers

DB12032 series


DC blower fans are the ones that feature a circular impeller, which is enclosed in a cage. This design allows blower fans to create a concentrated airflow in high-pressure conditions. The fans pull air from the sides and release it at a 90° angle. DC blower fans are centrifugal blowers that utilize impellers to increase the volume of airflow. These blowers assure radial air displacement, where the direction of airflow changes during the input to output phases. Sofasco International provides industrial DC blower fans in a wide range of performance characteristics, functionalities, and materials.

Features of Industrial DC Blower Fans Provided by Sofasco

As a DC blower fan manufacturer with an experience of more than two decades, we are aware of the industry trends and changing customer requirements. We can provide these blower fans in standard and customized configurations. The following are a few common features of our blower fans.

  • Sizes: The DC blower fans are available in sizes from 75mm to 120 mm, which makes them an ideal choice for various industrial applications.
  • Material: The impeller and housing is made of UL94V-0 plastic. However, the lead wire is made of UL1571AWG#28 or Equivalent (+) Red, (-) Black.
  • Bearings: These DC blowers can be availed with ball bearings or sleeve bearing options.
  • Operating Voltages: The DC blower fans can be availed in a wide range of operating voltages ranging from 12V to 48V.
  • Expected Life: Owing to their durable construction, the expected life of ball bearing and sleeve is 70,000 hours and 30,000 hours respectively, when operated at 40°C.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Our DC blower fans are suited for a wide range of temperatures. They are ideal for operating temperature range of -10°C~70°C. They can be stored in a temperature range of -40°C~70°C (non-condensing).
  • Environmental Sealing: We can provide these industrial blower fans in IP54 and IP55 sealing options.
  • Customization: We can provide a wide range of optional features such as 3rd wire signal rotation detection, 3rd wire signal frequency generator, and thermistor temperature control, and so on.

Benefits of DC Blowers

Our DC blower fans find application in a wide range of industrial segments owing to several benefits offered by them. The following features will help you understand it better:

  • Centrifugal blowers combined with our efficient blowers assure superior performance in demanding applications.
  • They provide constant air displacement at a constant speed. This helps assure consistent air velocity even if the mass flow rate differs.
  • Combining high efficiency with compact design, these DC blowers produce less heat, which helps maintain their performance for a long time.
  • Another important factor is that these fans can be easily customized to deliver better industrial or commercial air movement.

Applications of DC Blower Fans

Our blowers produce high pressure required by high impedance systems. We design and manufacture DC blower fans for the following applications:

  • Network Servers
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Medical Systems
  • Automotive Applications

Over the years, we have invested in technology and people. This has helped us become one of the trusted and popular DC blower fan manufacturers in the US. All fans are designed and manufactured at our well-equipped facilities in the US and China. This helps us assure the quality of the products that we sell. We provide customized solutions that enable us to stay true to our commitment of serving customers according to their requirements. For more details regarding any of the industrial DC blowers listed here or for queries regarding customization and selection, you can get in touch with our team today.