DC Blowers

Sofasco international designs, manufactures and distributes quality, cost effective , RoHS, certified DC axial blower fans (voltages 12v, 24v) in a wide range of performance characteristics, materials, and functionalities ranging in size from 75mm to 120mm. The product line includes high performance matched with quiet, high, medium and low speed DC blowers, including dustproof and waterproof (IP 54 & IP 55), blowers as well as serial units for increased airflow in high static pressure enclosures. Optional 3rd wire signal rotation detection, 3rd wire signal frequency generator and thermistor temperature control is available upon request. Additionally, sofasco carries a complete crossover line of computer cooling replacement fans for Dell, HP, & IBM products.

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DB4010 series dc blowers

DB4010 series


DB404510 series dc blowers

DB4510 series


DB5015 series dc blowers

DB5015 series


DB6018 series dc blowers

DB6018 series


DB7530 series dc blowers

DB7530 series


DB9733 series dc blowers

DB9733 series


DB12032 series dc blowers

DB12032 series