Today, most enterprises invest in strong telecommunication networks. These networks use various types of telecommunication devices such as video, voice, and networking devices used to meet high performance communication and data transfer requirements. These devices are subjected to high temperatures, and without sufficient airflow, the electronic components in these devices will overheat and fail abruptly. Hence, cooling them is an essential task. However, choosing fans for these devices may not be easy because you need to consider parameters such as vibration, electromagnetic interference, and so on. At Sofasco, we design and manufacture a broad range of DC axial telecom fans to meet stringent requirements of the telecom industry. Our telecom fans are UL and CE certified and are available in a wide size ranges. They often find applications as rack server fans, data center cooling fans, server fans, and so on.


Cooling Fans for Telecom Industries

Types of Cooling Fans Offered by Sofasco for Telecom Industry Applications

We have been designing and manufacturing the following types of telecom fans for a long time.

    • DC Axial Telecom Fans:

Offered in sizes ranging from 120mm to 175mm, these fans can be easily operated across a wide temperature range. The fans possess unique blade designs, which helps avoid conditions such as back pressure, air drag, and so on. The fans are operated on a 48DC motor to reduce their energy consumption. D1208 series and DCF17568 are two popular telecom fans in this category.
    • DC Centrifugal Fans:

These fans are suited for high-temperature applications and are used in switches in the telecom industry. DC centrifugal fans are also known as centrifugal blowers and they differ from axial telecom fans based on their pressure ratio. These fans are available in sizes ranging from 133mm to 225mm. These fans are provided with IP56 rating.

Tips to Choose Fans for Your Telecom Industry Applications

Choosing fans for telecom devices can be a tedious task due to different parameters involved. However, the following factors will be helpful and aid in your selection.

    • Understand the Difference Between Fans:

Our collection comprises DC axial telecom fans and DC centrifugal fans. DC axial fans are equipped with a propeller and they absorb and discharge the air in the same direction. Against these, centrifugal fans are equipped with a wheel that absorbs air and discharges it at 90 degrees.
    • Total Airflow:

This is the capacity of the fan to move air per minute and is rated in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM).
    • Operating Temperatures:

Whether used as rack server fans, server fans, or data center cooling fans, these fans are exposed to certain thermal conditions. The operating temperatures of these devices may vary based on the surrounding air temperature or thermal energy produced by devices in operation. Thus, it is important to address these changes before choosing your fan. Our DC axial telecom fans are designed to operate in temperature ranges between -20° C and +70° C.

Benefits of Choosing Sofasco Cooling Fans for Your Telecom Industry Applications

The following are a few among several benefits of buying cooling fans from Sofasco for your telecom industry applications.

  • The speed of our cooling fans can be adjusted to meet the thermal requirements of your applications.
  • DC axial fans offer effective cooling solutions for applications where noise can be a great concern. Low noise also helps reduce vibrations.
  • DC motors integrated into these fans contribute to their durability and high performance.
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