EC Centrifugal Fans

EC Centrifugal Fans

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EC Centrifugal Fans

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

How EC Centrifugal Fans Work?

The centrifugal impeller of EC fans pulls in air by rotating blades and pushes it radially outward. Their EC motor is electronically controlled which results in precise and variable speed control, noiseless operation, monitoring of energy consumption, and reduced need for maintenance. These fans have brushless EC motors with permanent magnets on the rotor, and the PCBA controls the current and voltage applied to the motor. The rotor acts as a permanent magnet, while the stator has coils that get electromagnetically charged. This way, the opposite poles of the rotor and stator are attracted towards each other, and the EC motor operates based on this interaction between the rotor and stator. The coil is energized once the rotor moves near it while rotating, and this loop continues. The coil to be energized and the position of the rotor is controlled by the electronic controller or sensor.

Key Beneficial Features of Our EC Centrifugal Fans

Here’s why you can totally rely on us for your EC centrifugal fan requirements as also they come with several benefits.

  • First, these fans combine the benefits of AC and DC fans, and their operation is electronically controlled.
  • The onboard electronics on the EC motor constantly monitors the power consumed during its operation and can auto adjust as required. This feature makes these fans energy efficient as the motor helps reduce power consumption.
  • They have a PCB connected to a software application that helps precision control using various methods, depending on the device they are fitted in.
  • These fans have a long operational life. Also, the possibility of wear reduces as there are no carbon brushes on the motor.
  • Our compact EC centrifugal fans can fit into constrained spaces in devices or machines. Despite the small size because of the external rotor, they have a huge capacity to rotate at the required speed.
  • There are multiple speed control features in EC fans which offers them a competitive edge over AC motor fans.
  • Once you partner with us, you can be totally assured about the quality and custom options we offer for our EC centrifugal fans.
  • We offer fast turnaround times when it comes to shipping and transportation.

How to Choose the Right EC Centrifugal Fan?

Here are some selection criteria for electronically commutated fans.

  • Application Requirements: First, consider your application requirements and operating environment in terms of the highest possible temperatures, pressures, and other related parameters. Weigh these against the features of the EC centrifugal fans available.
  • Thermal analysis: Determine the maximum possible heat that a system or machine may generate while in operation. This way you can estimate the amount of air that needs to be drawn in and pushed out by the fan to keep the machine cool. It is essential to consider all the elements such as the temperatures of any fluids or gases circulating in the system, system components and their materials used, the expansion potential of these components or gases due to heat, and so on.
  • Airflow requirements: Here, you need to estimate values for parameters such as heat load, required ventilation rate, space available, possible presence of contaminants or air pollutants that need to be pushed out, and so on.
  • Pressure requirements: Determine the static pressure requirements of your application or system. These values must match with the airflow rate requirements.
  • Size and installation: Our fans are quite easy to install based on the instruction guide we offer. However, based on your application, choose the right size in proportion to the weight, height, clearance requirements, as well as internal space available. We are here to help in case you need any technical assistance. Also, check the mounting options available.
  • Variable speed control requirements: Choose an EC centrifugal fan of you require variable speeds as these fans have the right mechanisms for precise speed control.

Applications of EC Centrifugal Fans

Here are some application areas of EC fans.

  • HVAC systems
  • Data center equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing systems
  • Industrial processes with airflow control requirements
  • Exhaust and fume extraction systems
  • Automotive systems

In case of any further information regarding our EC centrifugal fans, feel free to reach us via phone at 1-800-356-4159 or email at .

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