AC Axial Fans


Sofasco manufactures certified AC axial flow fans and muffin fans for electronic cooling, OEM and industrial applications. Sizes range from 25 mm to 254 mm with common sizes 40 mm, 52 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm in stock. Custom and special fans include high temperature, miniature and ultra quite unit.

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a6030 series ac axial fan

A6030 series


a8025 series ac axial fan

A8025 series


a8038 series ac axial fan

A8038 series


a8038m series ac axial fan

A8038M series


a9225 series ac axial fan

A9225 series


a9238 series ac axial fan

A9238 series


a9238m series ac axial fan

A9238M series


a12025 series ac axial fan

A12025 series


a12038 series ac axial fan

A12038 series


a12038m series ac axial fan

A12038M series


a12738 series ac axial fan

A12738 series


a15055 series ac axial fan

A15055 series


a15055m series ac axial fan

A15055M series


a16062 series ac axial fan

A16062 series


a17051 series ac axial fan

A17051 series


a17238 series ac axial fan

A17238 series


a17251SH series ac axial fan

A17251SH series


a17251c series ac axial fan

A17251C series


a17251s series ac axial fan

A17251S series


a17689 series ac axial fan

A17689 series


a18065 series ac axial fan

A18065 series


a20872 series ac axial fan

A20872 series


a22580m series ac axial fan

A22580M series


a25089 series ac axial fan

A25089 series


a28089 series ac axial fan

A28089 series


AC axial fans are extremely popular and have been used for a long time. These fans feature blades that draw air parallel to its axis and drive it out in the same direction. AC axial fans produce high flow rates at low pressure. The high flow rate indicates the high volume of air they create, which makes them suited for various industrial applications. Sofasco is a leading manufacturer of certified AC axial fans and muffin fans, which are widely utilized in electronic cooling, OEM units, and various industrial applications. Our inventory features AC axial fans in various size ranges. There are also custom and special fans for applications that demand high temperature, or require miniature and ultra-quiet units. 

Standard Features of AC Axial Fans by Sofasco

As a leading AC axial fan manufacturer, we are committed to design and deliver products that meet our client’s application requirements. Currently, we provide AC axial fans and muffin fans with the following specifications. 

 • Sizes: These fans are offered in various size ranges from 25 mm to 254 mm with common sizes 40 mm, 52 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm in stock.

 • Housing: All our axial fans possess aluminum die-cast housing that lends strength and durability to these fans, without adding to their weight. 

 • Impeller: All our fans are equipped with glass-reinforced thermoplastic impellers, which are UL-94V compliant. 

 • Voltage: These fans are manufactured for 115 VAC or 230 VAC operation. 

 • Bearing: Our AC axial fans are available with two ball or sleeve bearings. The sleeves are made of sintered bronze and bearings are made of chrome steel. 

 • Termination: The fans can be availed with W-lead wire or T-terminal type wire.

 • Operating Temperature Range: The ball bearings can work in a temperature range of 20℃~+70℃, and sleeves are designed for a temperature range of              -10℃~+55℃.

 • Life Expectancy: The ball bearings can last up to 60,000 hours at 60℃, and sleeve bearing scan last up to 20,000 hours at 45℃.

 • Dielectric Strength: The dielectric strength of these fans is 1,500VAC for 1 minute at 50/60Hz.

 • Motor Type: All fans are equipped with AC shaded motor and are impedance protected.

 • Operating Voltage Range: The operating voltage range of these fans is 103 VAC to 126 VAC for 115; and 207 VAS to 253 VAC for 230 V range.

 • Insulation Resistance: The insulation resistance for these fans is 10M Ω min. @500 VDC. 

Benefits of Using AC Axial Fans

AC axial flow fans are popular among our industrial customers owing to the following reasons: 

 • The axial flow fans do not require high power input to work. 

 • High-volume flow combined with low-pressure application makes them an ideal choice for cooling large spaces. This property also makes them ideal for cooling      various industrial equipment.

 • These fans are easy to assemble, assure, high speeds, and high efficiency.

 • They can be easily connected to DC power sources like batteries or solar panels.

Applications of AC Axial Fans

Our AC axial fans and muffin fans are widely used in the following applications: 

 • Condenser cooling or refrigeration systems 

 • Vending machines

 • Generators

 • Air compressors

 • Diesel engines

 • Snowmaking machines

With vast industrial experience and engineering expertise to our credit, our team of experts regularly collaborate with clients to design custom cooling solutions that meet their requirement. This customer-centric approach coupled with our passion for technologies and trends has helped us become one of the leading AC axial fan manufacturers in the US. Do you want to discuss any product listed on this page? Do you want any help in the selection process? Our team would be happy to assist you. Please get in touch with us today.