AC Cross Flow Fans

Sofasco International is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, cost effective , RoHS, certified AC cross flow fans, (voltages 110v – 120v & 220v -240v ) in AC capacitor as well as shaded pole motors. We maintain facilities in USA and China. Our crossflow fans, often referred to as tangential or blower wheel fans, will generate a wide, even flow of air parallel to the unit being cooled, insuring greater efficiencies and lower noise ratios per cfm when compared with axial fans. Impellers range in size from 60mm to 110mm in wheel diameter for an ac capacitor type motor and from 30mm to 60mm in wheel diameter for a shaded pole motor. The fan’s motor location can be changed from the right side to the left side by the factory at the customer’s request. Additional modifications allow two impellers to be mounted to a single motor, one impeller on either side of the motor housing. 3rd wire options are also available on all crossflow fans: signal-rotation detection, signal-frequency generator function as well as temperature control for operating environments where noise and temperature are a consideration. Various speeds are also available.

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sAFS 30 series ac cross flow fan

sAFS 30 series


sAFS 40 series ac cross flow fan

sAFS 40 series


sAFS 43 series ac cross flow fan

sAFS 43 series


sAFS 50 series ac cross flow fan

sAFS 50 series


sAFS 60 series ac cross flow fan

sAFS 60 series


sAFS 60 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 60 series


sAFS 60g series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 60G series


sAFS 81 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 81 series


sAFS 90 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 90 series


sAFS 110 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 110 series


sAFS 30 series ac cross flow fansAFS 30 series ac cross flow fanasAFS 150 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 150 series


sAFS 100357 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 100357 series

Ø100mm x 357mm(Ø3.93" x 14.05")

sAFS 100450 series ac cross flow fan

sAFC 100450 series

Ø100mm x 450mm(Ø3.93" x 17.71")

AC cross flow fans are widely used across industries for cooling and drying electronic items. They possess a space-saving long-narrow design and an even airflow pattern. These fans provide two-dimensional airflow across the length of the impeller and they produce less noise, too. These fans are also referred to as tubular fans or tangential or blower wheel fans owing to their rectangular and long shape. Sofasco International is a leading AC cross flow fan manufacturer and has been delivering high-quality and cost-effective AC cross flow fans for several years now. These fans are provided in different voltages, with AC capacitors and shaded pole motors. All fans displayed here can be customized to certain specifications to meet your application requirements. These blower wheel fans assure great efficiencies than any other fan models available in the market.

Features of AC Cross Flow Fans by Sofasco

We provide several models of blower wheel fans in varying specifications. The following are a few common features of our fans:  

 • Voltage: The fans are available n voltages 110V – 120V & 220V-240V.

 • Options: The fans may be equipped with an AC capacitor motor or shaded pole motors. 

 • Impeller: The impellers are offered from 60 mm to 110 mm wheel diameter for AC capacitor type motor and from 30 mm to 60 mm wheel diameter for a                   shaded pole motor.

 • Bearing: These tangential fans are equipped with ball or sleeve bearings that ensure smooth operation. 

 • Construction: They feature a metal frame and are equipped with an aluminum rotor.

 • Operating Temperature: These cross flow fans are designed for operating temperatures from 0°C to + 45°C. 

 • Insulation Resistance: These cross flow fans possess insulation resistance of 10M Ω min. @500 VDC.

 • Safety and Compliance: All cross flow fan models displayed on this page are RoHS compliant and impedance protected.


Benefits of AC Cross Flow Fans

Our tangential fans have gained popularity owing to the following reasons: 

 • The fans produce a wide and even flow of air parallel to the unit being cooled or dried.

 • They produce air flow in right angles, which helps ensure uniform cooling or drying of areas.

 • The rectangular shape of these fans enable easy installation in corners, where other types of fans cannot be accommodated. 

 • These fans are well suited for cooling electronic applications such as circuit boards that require uniform air flow. 

 • Owing to low noise levels and compact design, these fans are favored by OEMs to cool electronic products with slim designs.

 • Our AC cross flow fans are also suited for air-blow cooling across wide application areas.

 • These fans have aluminum housing which protects them from harsh elements and assures their long-term performance. 

Applications of AC Cross Flow Fans

We regularly design tangential blower fans for use in the following application areas:

 • Air curtains

 • Drying units 

 • Automotive air conditioning

 • Transformer air coolers 

Being an industry-recognized AC cross flow fan manufacturer, we are aware of the industry trends and client requirements, which has helped us build a list of satisfied and repeat customers. Are you looking for a cross flow fan for your industrial facility? Do you have any doubts regarding the products listed on this page? Please get in touch with our team today. We would be happy to help you.