Industrial Blower Fan Overview and Applications

Industrial blower fans, as the term suggests, are used in industrial units to blow huge volumes of air through parts and structures of an entire building or facility. These industrial fans are commonly used in areas or segments which require exhaust clearing, ventilation, drying, cooling, removal of dust, and so on. So, typically, industrial blower fans find applications in industries such as construction, metals & mining, power generation, food processing, petrochemical, cement production, transportation and vehicular exhaust applications, HVAC, and so on. They are available in varying flow rate capacities and configurations. This post discusses some useful details regarding industrial blower fans and their applications.


An Overview of Industrial Blower Fans

Depending upon the industrial application and input and output of air and gas, these fans can be broadly categorized into centrifugal and axial. Whichever the type, these fans always have a robust enclosure which protects the entry of dirt, germs, moisture, and other contaminants inside the blades. Centrifugal fans are made of high quality stainless steel or aluminum and are used in various industries.

Centrifugal fans: These fans use centrifugal force for air or gas blowing and have rotating impellers. They have a rotating disk which generates the centrifugal force by rotating the blades. They have wheels to take in the air and blades to push the air in the right direction. Once a wheel draws in the air inside the enclosure, it is discharged by the blades at 90 degrees and moved out of the enclosure. The impeller pushes the air radially in the outward direction and then the air is tangentially pushed away from the blades. The speed of blowing out the air increases towards the end which results in pressure building. Thus, these fans are suitable for high pressure applications. They are designed to be robust and can withstand harsh industrial environments, polluted air, moisture, and so on.

Depending upon the application there are two most common types of centrifugal air blowers:
o Pressure blowers: These are used to push out air under high pressure.
o Volume blowers: These fans push in and out huge volumes of air under low static pressure.

Axial fans: In axial fans, the blades extend radially outward and the air moves in the parallel direction of the rotational axis of the fan wheel. The air once taken spins off from the central spot to the outer periphery, with the help of the blades. Air pressure is created aerodynamically by the fan blades when pushing it out. DC Axial blowers have a compact design and are more suitable for low pressure applications. They can be efficiently used in small-sized exhaust applications with a definite amount of air, dirt, or smoke.

Applications of Industrial Fans

Centrifugal blowers find varied applications across industries. Here are some applications of industrial blower fans:
• Network Servers
• Telecommunication Systems
• Dust collectors
• Exhaust and HVAC
• Filtration and suction

Axial fans used in industries find the following applications:
• Exhaust extraction
• Cooling and refrigeration
• Fresh air supply and ventilation
• Unidirectional air flow applications

If you are an OEM or a manufacturing unit and plan to install an industrial fan for any of the relevant purposes, ensure you source one from a reliable and certified manufacturer and supplier. Also, opt for a supplier who clearly understands your requirements and is able to customize the fan accordingly to suit your specifications. Sofasco designs, develops, and manufactures a variety of industrial blower fans and offers customized integrated cooling solutions to suit your requirements.

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