Industrial Blowers

The industrial blower fans or blowers are an integral part of several industrial equipment and they are used primarily for cooling. These fans find applications in industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, drying units, temperature control units, smoke exhausts, exhaust chimneys, and so on. The scope of application of industrial fan blowers does not limit here. Owing to their increasing use in multiple applications, their specifications and features also largely vary. That is why the selection of industrial blowers for industrial or commercial applications requires the consideration of multiple factors. This selection guide for industrial blowers discusses all such factors needed for choosing the correct industrial blower.

Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Application-Focused Industrial Blowers

Here are a few essential factors one needs to consider while selecting or purchasing a blower fan for specific industrial applications.

  • Application Requirements: Since the scope of application for industrial blower fans is vast, the application requirements must be analyzed first. Know the application and analyze the following factors before selection.
    • Available space
    • Air pressure required
    • Operational Environment
  • Type of Blower: Industrial blowers are of different types. Radial blowers, centrifugal blowers, axial blowers etc are the different types of industrial blower fans . However, based on the application and environment, each type of blower will perform differently. Therefore, choose the blower based on available space and resources, and desired outcomes. This can include consideration of the type of blades, blade orientation, etc.
  • Power Consumptions: It is always recommended to purchase industrial ventilation blowers with low energy consumption. This helps in saving energy costs and enhances the overall efficiency of the blower unit. Low power consumption and high output should be the aim while choosing efficient industrial blowers.   

Note: Fan grids must be used to reduce the power consumption and enhance the efficiency of these blowers.

  • Output Air Pressure: The blower fans often increase the pressure of output air in comparison to the input air. The output air pressure can impact industrial operations like gas exhaust, drying, etc. Therefore, the blower with desired air pressure should be chosen.
  • Output Air Volume/ Flow Capacity: The flow capacity is the amount of output air. It is also called throughput. However, the flow capacity should always be considered by identifying the area of air exposure required.
  • Noise and Vibration: The blowers are mechanical equipment and therefore are susceptible to internal and external noise and vibrations. These factors can impact on performance and durability of the industrial blower fan. That is why the blowers with low noise generation and high vibration tolerance must be chosen.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Slight exposure to noise, vibrations, etc are inevitable in electromechanical systems like industrial blowers. In addition, factors like harsh environmental conditions, heat generation, external impact forces, etc cause damage to the blowers. One should always choose a blower with minimum requirement maintenance and repairs. Low maintenance also results in lowering the overall cost of usage of the blowers.

Quality and performance efficiency are the two considerations that come along with the above-mentioned factors. That is why you should source quality-tested blower fans from highly trusted manufacturers and suppliers like Sofasco. The company manufactures high-performance, UL-certified, AC/DC blowers for industrial applications. All their products meet RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) compliance.

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