What Are the Common Causes of Industrial Fans Failure?

Industrial fans have been in use since decades as a major source of cooling of industrial machines and equipment. They serve as cooling and air circulation devices to prevent overheating and subsequent damage. So, they find applications across several industries such as power generation, petrochemical, construction, cement production, automotive, electronics, and much more. The application scope of industrial fans is infinite. However, owing to their continuous use in harsh environments, they are prone to several unseen problems. Hence, it is essential to perform preventative maintenance on industrial fans that helps you diagnose areas prone to failure. Being an integral part of industrial equipment used today, running them at peak performance on a continual basis may eventually cause wear and subsequent failure. But during preventive maintenance, there are certain signs one must check for to detect any issues early on and fix them on time. This post discusses common causes of industrial fans failure. So, stay tuned. 

4 Common Causes of Industrial Fan Failure

4 Common Causes of Industrial Fan Failure Explained

The following is the list of common problems which may result in huge monetary losses, industrial fans or parts replacement, equipment downtime, and much more. Fortunately, all these problems can be solved by adopting the best industry practices. Here are some common causes of failure which can be prevented.

  1. Noise and Vibration:

    Industrial fans are electrical equipment, hence there are many chances they are subjected to internal as well as external noise and vibrations. These factors have a direct impact on the performance and durability of industrial fans over time. This issue can be identified through signs such as a squeaking noise of the fan when operating. This happened due to entry of foreign particles inside the fan, corrosion, loosened bearings and shafts, lack of lubrication which causes friction, and so on.
  2. Inadequate Airflow:

    Inadequate or sometimes the lack of airflow can also lead to failure of industrial fans. It is caused due to various reasons. For instance, the airflow to the ducting system may not be sufficient if it develops resistance against the required airflow. The other causes of insufficient airflow are misaligned blade angles, clogged inlet, misaligned impeller, inappropriately installed impeller, and much more. Restricted airflow not only affects the industrial fan but components too.
  3. Electrical Malfunctions:

    Most of the times, industrial fans experience failure due to electrical malfunctions. Some of these reasons are frequent voltage fluctuation, incorrect size of wires as well as belts, loosened pulleys, fusing issues, and so on. Increased vibration and temperature of bearings also lead to fan failure. However, it is possible to overcome these issues with periodic maintenance.
  4. Misaligned Components:

    Misaligned fan components is another reason for industrial fan failure. How? Let’s take the example of the impeller. If the impeller’s center of gravity is shifted it will disturb its alignment, thus leading failure of the fan.
Before making any decision regarding fan repair or replacement, it is important to know the reason for industrial fan failure to save on overall cost and downtime in the long run. Are you someone who belongs to a manufacturing unit or an OEM and have a plan to install industrial fans for your industrial equipment? If that sounds yes, make sure you source these electronics equipment from an industry-leading, certified manufacturer and supplier. The industry player you consult should clearly understand your requirements and provide a customized solution that fulfills your needs. With vast years of experience, Sofasco specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial fans in varied specifications. The company offers customized integrated cooling solutions to suit your specifications.

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