DC Centrifugal Fans

Buy the high-performance DC Centrifugal Fans at competitive prices from the most popular DC Centrifugal Fans manufacturer.

  • DC centrifugal fans are available in 24V and 48V voltages, in sizes ranging from 133mm to 225mm.
  • Equipped with a robust impeller made of UL94V-0 plastic
  • DC centrifugal fans and blower offered in UL, TUV, RoHS, and CE certified models

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      DC Centrifugal Fan

      DC centrifugal fan is a mechanical device with rotating impellers from which it draws kinetic energy to push out the air in a particular direction. It has a housing or an enclosure which helps maintain the direction of the outgoing air or gas. The kinetic energy of the rotating impellers increases the speed and volume of the outgoing stream of air or gas. These fans are also known as centrifugal blowers. The feature that distinguishes them from axial fans is the pressure ratio. When we say DC or direct current, the flow of electric current is unidirectional unlike AC fans. Sofasco International is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, cost effective , RoHS, certified DC centrifugal fans.

      DC Centrifugal Fan

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      Standard Features of DC Centrifugal Fans

      We offer several models of DC centrifugal fans with each offering some or the other distinct features. Here are some common featured of our DC centrifugal fans:
      Size Range: The size of our centrifugal fans ranges from 133mm to 225mm.
      Voltage Range: The voltage range for 24V is 14.0 to 27.6, while for 48V it is 28.0 to 56.0.
      Pillow Material: We use die cast aluminum as the pillow material.
      Impeller Material: The impeller of our DC centrifugal fans is made of UL94V-0 plastic.
      Cooling System: These fans are suitable for fast cooling or air and equipment in the vicinity. The speed of the fan ranges from 2000 to 5000 RPM, and the air flow ranges from 105.94 to 264.85 CFM.
      Operating temperature range: The operating temperature range for these fans is from -10°C to +70°C, without condensation.
      Validity: The expected operational life of the ball bearings in these fans is 50,000 at 20 degrees Celsius.
      Safety Information: All our DC centrifugal fan models are UL, TUV, RoHS, and CE listed and certified.

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