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Value Added

Value-Added Capabilities
Sofasco's facilities are equipped to meet any of you requirements for value adds assemblies. Options include:

• Harness Assemblies
• Finger Guard and Filter Assemblies
• Sheet Metal & Injection Molded Mounting Brackets
• Mounting Inserts and Standoffs

Product Handling and Identification
Sofasco understands the demands on today’s supply chain management teams. Sofasco can support your material handling needs. Capabilities include:

• Custom Packaging
• Product Labeling
• Product Bar Coding

Fan Tray Assemblies
Sofasco excels at full Fan Tray and Fan Module Design. Sofasco's designs a full suite of fan trays including air movers, wire harness, fan controller and sheet metal assemblies. Other custom options include:

• LED Alarm Outputs
• EMI and RFI Suppression
• Custom Air Filtering

Fan Controllers and Sensors
Today's fans have entered the digital age and Sofasco has full electronic design and software communication capabilities. If you need assistance with the communication interface between your system and our fan or if you required multiple fan control, Sofasco can help. Capabilities include:

• Multiple Fan Controllers with System Control Capability
• Communications Protocols (I2C, Bluetooth, RS232/RS485)
• Custom Communications Protocols

Custom Fan Design
Sofasco's team of Design Engineers is always working on developing cutting edge air movers with today’s best technology. Sofasco is focused on meeting the needs of the market place and is always looking for customer partners. Areas of focus include:

• Custom Fan Blade Design
• Custom Fan & Blower Housing
• AC & DC Motor Development

Sofasco is ready for your custom cooling challenge. Let us know what your requirements are and one of our experienced Application Engineers will contact you.