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Performance and Physical Specifications are subject to change without notification
AC Axial IP Rated Fans
A12738V1HBT-55 Series
Size 127X127X38mm
General Specifications
Item Specification Condition
Model No. A12738V1HBT-55  
Outline Dimension 127X127X38mm (5"X5"X1.5")
Rated Voltage AC 115 V
Rated Current 0.32/0.26A At Rated Voltage, 25?C, 65% RH
Power Consumption 24/20 W At Rated Voltage, 25?C, 65% RH
Speed 2650/3100 RPM At Rated Voltage, 25C, 65% RH
Free Air
Max. Airflow 107/123 CFM At Rated Voltage
AMCA Standard
At Rated Current
Max. Static Pressure 0.33/0.38 INCH-H2O
Noise Level 47/50 dB(A) At Rated Voltage
Measured in a non-echo Chamber
CNS 8753 Standard
ISO 3744 Test Condition
Life 50,000/hrs at 25C 50,000/hrs at 25C
No. of Blade 5 blades
No. of Pole  
Rotating Direction Clockwise View From Label Side
Tolerance ± 10% At Rated Voltage
Weight 562g
Motor Type Shaded Pole Motor
Operating Voltage 85 to 125 VAC
IP rating IP55
Main Materials / Parts Specification
Materials / Parts Specification
Blade Thermoplastic PBT, UL94V-0
Bearing Ball Bearing
Connecting Terminal
Connector None
Environmental Specification
Item Specification / Condition
Operating Temp. Range Temperature : -20°C - 80C
Humidity : 35% - 85% RH
Storage Temperature Temperature : -20C - 80C
Humidity : 35% - 85% RH

Per MIL-STD 202F Method 103B; Life: 96 hours;
Humidity : 95% RH; Temperature: 40  2C

Thermal Shock Per MIL-STD 202F Method 107D, Condition D
Insulation Shock CLASS B
Packing Vibration Test Packing Condition: X, Y, Z 3directions, 1.1 G load vibration
test for 30 min.
Packing Shock Proof Test 1 corner, 3 edges, 6 faces natural drop from 60 cm high
Electrical Specification
Item Specification/Condition
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ between frame and unshielded wire at
Dielectric Strength 5mA Max. / Measured b/w lead wire (+) and frame at
Locker Rotor Protection a. No damage will be made for a continuous 72-hour rotation lock at rated voltage.
b. Signal Alarm-Optional
Polarity Protection Circuit is protected when Vcc & GND are exchanged.