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Sofasco™, Inc.,is UL certified our certification file number is: E196756

Guarantee of RoHS Compliant

Our company guarantee that all products or parts including accessories, packaging materials, and all other goods delivered with products that our company including our subsidiaries and affiliated companies has delivered and will deliver directly or through any third parties do not contain the hazardous chemical substances listed below including cases where their maximum content concentration is less than ROHS Directive(2002/95/EC) standard below.

ROHS Directive standard
Item Material Name Threshold value (ppm, mg/kg)
1 Cadium and cadmium compounds 100ppm
2 Lead and Lead compounds 1000ppm
3 Mercury and Mercury compounds 1000ppm
4 Hexavalent chromium compounds 1000ppm
5 PBB 1000ppm
6 PBDE 1000ppm
7 Packaging materials (Pb+Cd+Hg+Cr+6) 100ppm

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